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For many years our family has dedicated itself to the breeding of healthy, allergy & asthma friendly, sociable, gentle and loving Australian Cobberdogs.  Rising from the ashes of what was formerly the authentic Australian Labradoodle,  the Australian Cobberdog- a Pure Breed in development possesses all the characteristics, features and amazing qualities of the breed as it was originally intended.  To quote the Breed Founder,  “several decades into the development of the Australian Labradoodle the majority of dogs being bred had lost the very character traits for which they had become so popular in the first place. The ‘cutesy’  factor had taken over with breeders throughout the world,  as they focused more on pretty colors to attract buyers of their puppies, than on the innate character traits which had been so carefully developed.  If breeders fail to select for these, then they will inevitably be lost.  These have been revived by the judicious addition of new and fresh blood from unrevealed sources, and the ‘rescue’ of tried and proven bloodlines”.  



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Our mission is to breed dogs primarily for temperament & health, allergy/asthma friendly coats and conformation and the qualities that so many have desired for years in the breed;  we believe families deserve the best of this breed, and these qualities take precedence in our breed program.  What point is there if you have a lavender or parti-colored puppy if the puppy’s temperament does not align with what the breed has stood for?  or if you are always in the vet’s office with innumerable health issues as a result of poor breeding practices?  Our committment to the integrity of the breed and protection of these qualities is why we breed the Australian Cobberdog.  We are proud to be a registered breeder member of the MDBA, Master Dog Breeders Association, a global Registry for all Purebred Dogs. In January 2012, the Australian Cobberdog was recognized as a Pure Breed in Development with MDBA and is registered throughout the world by the MDBA which monitors breed progress and breeder processes. Since the Australian Cobberdog can only be registered with the MDBA a Breeder must be registered with and have their Breeding Dogs registered with MDBA in order to be listed on their site.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission has always been to stay true to the Breed Founder’s vision for the Breed by using authentic lines from the Founders themselves developed over decades with the reputation of producing those characteristics that are the hallmark of the breed.  The culmination of these practices is  the development of the Australian Cobberdog, a pure dog breed in development which is now arising out of the ashes of the Australian Labradoodle and is on its way to purebred status.


What Makes Our Australian Cobberdog Puppies Second to None

It is truly, as the Breed founder puts it, the rescued remnants of the authentic Australian Labradoodle bloodlines which still are in danger of extinction due to careless and unethical breeding practices that have abounded by those breeding for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, in the last decade the popularity and demand for the breed has resulted in many  unethical breeding practices and infusions used that were never endorsed by the Founders, whether it was “back breeding” or adding other breed-lines to create a different “popular” look, essentially a fad or “designer dog’.  The unfortunate side effects of these practices included noticeable aggression showing up in the temperament, shedding coats, and health problems that were not part of the original lines;  all while calling them either authentic Australian labradoodle, multigen Australian Labradoodle or some other version of the Australian Labradoodle.  While other breeders chose this path to take this misguided approach and effectively dilute and distort the breed and its name, we solidified our committment to the breed integrity and characteristics found in the Australian Cobberdog.  



The new name given to the breed to distinguish it from the imitations that abound-was tenaciously developed in Australia by the founders of the authentic Australian Labradoodle, using carefully garnered, very precious bloodlines which have been squandered to near extinction. These are invigorated with diverse and expressly selected new blood, rich in the wonderful traits and characteristics which were once the reliable and consistent hallmarks of the Australian Labradoodle.

We are also members of the Parent Club the AIACC, Australian International Australian Cobberdog Club, with its base in Australia and Affiliated clubs around the world. Please visit the following websites for more information about these Organizations: MDBA: www.mdba.net.au AIACC: www.australian-cobberdog-club.com.

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Visit our Australian Cobberdog Puppies Available Page to see all our Cobberdog Puppies Available for Adoption now.  Highlands Princess Kate x Star Puppies and HIghlands Teacup x Star’s Puppies are here!




Puppies Coming soon

DUCHESSE X ROCCO:  Expecting Mini to Small Medium sizes with Wavy and Curly fleece coats.  Red, caramel and chocolate.  Puppies will be ready to go home in May. Only 3 Reservations Available.




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Highlands Australian Labradoodles is a Premier Breeder of the Authentic Australian Labradoodle/Australian Cobberdog offering puppies that are for sale. Our Australian labradoodle breeders are carefully selected according to the Rutland Manor (Australia) breed founder/developer’s rigid standards. Our puppies come with a minimum 2 year health guarantee, Pedigree, age appropriate vaccines, neutered/spayed and with a lifetime of support, information and advice from us on caring for an australian labradoodle including: diet/nutrition requirements, grooming tips and puppy training.

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