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The Australian Cobberdog is not an Australian Labradoodle with a new name.

The Australian Cobberdog has risen from the ashes of the Australian Labradoodle as it was founded and developed by the Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Breeding and Research Centers in Australia over 30+ years ago.  One might ask why do we say risen from the “ashes”?    Well unfortunately, the Australian Labradoodle today, is no longer the Australian labradoodle that was founded and developed in the 1980s in Australia.  As you read on, you will learn why. Since its origination and development, which continued into the early 2000s, the world came to love this breed that has become well-known for its excellent temperament, soundness of form, allergy and asthma-friendly coats, and all over “adorableness.”  Sadly, today, with the increase in popularity of the Labradoodle name, also known by other names including “Australian Labradoodle,” “multi-gen Australian Labradoodle” or “authentic Australian Labradoodle,” some rogue breeders wanting to capitalize on this popularity and march by the beat of their own drum came up with their own ideas and infused other breeds and unproven lines that were never intended to be part of the lineage or genetic make up of this breed but were done only for the purpose of mass production to serve the demand of unknowing families around the world.  These questionable practices have resulted in inconsistency in characteristics including type, trait, temperament, coat, health which are not characteristic of the breed when it was founded so many years ago.  So what, you may ask, is being done to protect the integrity of the breed and why the Australian Cobberdog?

As a result of the bastardization of the beloved Australian Labradoodle that was happening both in Europe and the United States, the Breed Founders took matters in their own hands to save the breed and cultivate its true, original and authentic lineage and gene pool in place since the beginning,  developing what we now know as the Australian Cobberdog.   Without all these other unproven infused lines diluting and otherwise altering the temperament, health and other characteristics of the Australian Labradoodle as we have known it, the Australian Cobberdog carries on today the original characteristics of this beloved breed, bred for a distinct purpose.  It truly is a shame that this confusion continues to persist today as Australian Labradoodle clubs and breed registries,  through their own personal agendas choose not to protect the integrity and carry out the vision of the breed developed by the founders.  Instead, they formed their own ideas, made their own rules and even changed the breed standard according to their own personal ideals.  Sad.

Thankfully,  we have a global registry and organization, the Master Dog Breeders Association or MDBA that is dedicated to protecting the integrity of the breed as a Pure Breed in Development.  One of their missions is to ensure that the lineage and gene pool is properly researched and proven before any litter, breeding dog or pet can be recorded in its official registry.  Our goal has always been to stay true to the Breed Founder’s vision for the Breed by using authentic lines from the Founders themselves developed over decades with the reputation of producing those characteristics that are the hallmark of the breed. The culmination of these practices is the development of the Australian Cobberdog, a pure dog breed in development.

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Breeding Integrity

We only breed the Australian Cobberdog whose lines are primarily from the Breed Founders themselves.

Health Protection

We go above and beyond required testing to ensure that our adopted puppies have the best start to a long, healthy life.

Members of the MDBA

Global registry for all Pure Breed Dogs, which recognizes the Australian Cobberdog as a Pure Breed in Development.

Neurological Stimulation

Our family are committed to early neurological stimulation and socialization of our puppies before adoption.

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