The Australian Cobberdog is not an Australian Labradoodle with a new name

The Australian Cobberdog – a Pure Breed in its last stages of development.

Below is an excerpt taken from the Breed Founder Beverley Manners, of Rutland Manor Breeding and Research Centers in Australia, and it succently describes why the Australian Cobberdog was developed:

A couple of decades into the development of the Australian Labradoodle, the majority of dogs being bred were missing the very character traits for which they had become so popular in the first place. The ‘cutesy’  factor had taken over with new breeders throughout the world, many of whom had never bred dogs before.  They thought they could replicate what the founders had done by copying, but without the breeding experience and knowledge required for successful outcomes.

It has become obvious that the transparency with which the founders had shared some of their methods over the years, have been mis-used with tragic results.  For this reason, the early development practices and the closing stages of development which resulted in the resurrection of the precious characteristics lost, will forever remain a secret shared only by the founders of the original and authentic Australian Labradoodle and the Australian Cobberdog raised from its ashes.

The Australian Cobberdog, raised from the ashes of the authentic Australian Labradoodle, was founded and developed by the Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Breeding and Research Centers in Australia. Since its origination and development which continued into the early 2000s, the world has fallen in love with this breed that has become well known for its excellent temperament, soundness of form, allergy and asthma friendly coats and all over “adorableness”.  Due to the preponderance and quick rise of illicit breeding programs around the US and Europe with breeders claiming to breed the authentic australian labradoodle  but really just breeding whatever lines they can put together to get “cute”, “designer” puppies that do not have even a quarter of the characteristics and lines of the breed,  the Breed Founder found the need to distinguish this breed based on her original philosophy and vision.

As alluded to above,  today there are many back yard breeders and even puppy mills that have risen up in the last 10 years to get on the bandwagon of the success of the breed. Breeding lines that were never intended to be be used according to the Founder’s vision, these breeders advertise they breed the Australian Labradoodle, but they are really just bamboozling the unaware buyers.  Some, even going so far as to include the Golden Retriever line and calling it a “Goldendoodle”.    There is no question:   BUYER BEWARE! THESE PRACTICES SHOULD THEY CONTINUE WILL RESULT IN THE DETRIMENT OF THE BREED,  A PLETHORA OF HEALTH PROBLEMS, POOR TEMPERAMENTS, HYPER AGGRESSION AND A WHOLE HOST OF OTHER CHARACTERISTICS THAT ARE NOT THE HALLMARK OF THE BREED.

Hence, the development of the Australian Cobberdog.  It was made clear;  Breeders who align with the long term vision for the breed MUST have their dogs registered with the MDBA, the organization that is working towards making the Australian Cobberdog a pure breed.



Highlands Australian Cobberdogs is the oldest  established Australian Cobberdog Breeder in the US.    From our beginning in the mid 2000s,  our Mission has to always align with the Breed Integrity and Philosophy of the Founders.  If you have questions about the breed and are researching breeders, please make sure to visit the MDBA at for more information about the Australian Cobberdog and to visit the Breeder Directory of the MDBA to find breeders in the US, Europe and Australia.  To find out more,  please visit the MDBA website at, the global registry working towards the Australian Cobberdog-pure breed in development. Thank you for visiting us and learning more about these wonderful dogs. Hope to see you in Colorado!

Australian Labradoodle Information and History

Its’ history traces back to the 1980s in Australia when Wally Conran decided he wanted to create a breed of dog that, among other things, was allergy and asthma friendly, possessed sound temperaments and health and would serve as a great therapy and service/guide dog. Initially started as what was a cross between a Labrador Retreiver and Poodle (labradoodle), further development and selective breeding with other carefully selected dogs was introduced by the Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Breeding & Research Centers who took over where Wally left off. This breed development continued over twenty-five plus years to produce the desired characteristics the research centers were looking for; highly intuitive with gentle, loving temperaments, low to non-shedding asthma and allergy coats, sturdy flowing, balanced conformation and beautiful wavy or curly fleece or fleece/wool coats in colors as exquisite as chocolate, red, apricot, cream, black, caramel and gold.