Early Neurological Stimulation and Socialization

Research has proven that Early Neurological Stimulation and Socialization of young puppies is important to breeding well adjusted, socialized dogs for life. There are several proponents of research conducted in this area, one of these being Dr. Carmelo Battaglia. He has co-written articles about the Bio-Sensor program, a program used at Highlands Australian Labradoodles. This program when applied to dogs (involving various methods of stimulation at different stages of the puppies’ new lives) have resulted in more confident dogs with a superior advantage to other non stimulated puppies. Some benefits of this program are:

In addition, studies conducted on socialization of puppies have shown how important this is along with early stimulation, to the emotional, mental, physical and social well being of puppies and dogs in their new environments. To learn more about these studies and from Dr. Battaglia’s article on Developing High Achievers, please click on the following link: http://www.esmondrott.com/rearing.htm