Want to be a Guardian

Guardian Families for our Australian Cobberdogs:

We currently do not have any Guardian Home opportunities.  Keep checking our website for updates, as once we do we will post it.   Please only Families in Colorado can be considered for this opportunity.

A guardian home opportunity is a great opportunity for families to enjoy one of our special dogs …..families who would like to raise one of our dogs in their home but are otherwise unable to bear the cost of the purchase price. We, the breeder, will retain ownership and breeding rights for that dog until such time that the dog is retired and will no longer be bred whereupon he/she will be spayed or neutered and will reside permanently as a pet of the Guardian Family, its new owner.

We do have some contractual requirements including but not limited to:

  • We ask that Guardians provide a safe, secure, fenced environment for the dog/puppy.
  • Nutrition/diet is critical to raising a quality dog.  We provide a range of choices of PREMIUM quality dog foods that our guardian is asked to choose from to ensure optimal health for the dog.
  • We also require our dogs be maintained on NuVet vitamin supplement along with a probiotic supplement we use, Optagest.
  • Guardian Families MUST maintain open lines of communication with us at all times and will be willing to work with us to ensure that testing, vaccinations, other healthcare needs are met, breeding visits (roughly once a year for females and between 4 and 6 times a year for males) are maintained and any other related needs around the breeding and healthcare of the dog are met.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Family for one of our dogs or puppies, please submit an Adoption Application online (see on our Adoption Application Page) and contact us via email at info@highlandcobberdogs.com or call us at 720-851-9754. We look forward to talking with you!

Highlands Australian Cobberdogs
Nick La Barrie – Owner/Breeder
Parker, Colorado