Dr. Joanne Baum

Dr. Joanne Baum

Dear Sam and Nick:

We are pretty sure we have the best puppy of all times. He is WONDERFUL! He has been coming to the office with me since Tuesday – inadvertently – I thought I had lined up someone to come mid day for an hour but it turns out she didn’t think so and I had no place for Ami, was not about to leave him n his crate for 8 hours, so I brought him in hoping for the best. The first hour he was pretty active and needing attention but after that he settled right in and enjoyed going outside after each client and by yesterday – I went to CEU luncheon, told the hostess I had a puppy in training to be a service dog and she let me bring him in. Ami laid at my feet under the table quietly chewing on two o bones for 90 minutes and then sat on my lap for the next 15 minutes just behaving himself beautifully. People were so impressed with him. Tonight he is acting like a puppy growling and barking as he plays with one of his toys. Mike jut brought him outside and I wanted to take the time to write to you, respond to your email and tell you how much we are enjoying him.

This week, we had a crisis with our sewerage – it came into the utility room and we had workman at the house for two days, 6-10 outside and two inside and we all had to sleep at a friend’s house nearby on Wednesday night – and he was just so fine with all the changes, He barked once at the men coming and going , I corrected him and that was it – he did not bark again – that really impressed me – bc it was discombobulating for us and he was just smooth and fine about it all. He slept fine that night at our friend’s even though he was in “our room” in his crate and then when we came home last night – he did not cry to be back in the family room in his usual spot. So much for his first week. We both are spending time with him each day playing and training – He knows sit, down, is getting stay as he waits for us by the kitchen gate if we walk out for a second, he definitely knows potty outside, fetch, drop it, bring it back, good AmiJ You two produced a beautiful, fun, sweet, highly intelligent, mellow little guy who can be playful as well. I can’t image enjoying a first week with a puppy more.

He knew Mike was alpha dad pretty fast and is getting that I am alpha mom as well. I keep h telling him I al=mJ The monks of new skete know what they are talking about. He is heeling on the leash well also, even with meJ l

Thank you thank you,

Jo & Mike and Ami