Caring for your Australian Cobberdog

To take proper care of your new puppy, there are several things to take into consideration…

One of several training philosophies we adhere to is Crate Training; it is highly recommended if not required for your new puppy. It is especially helpful during the Potty training phase. Once your puppy arrives, each morning take your puppy out of the crate and outside and prompt him to “go potty”. It can help to walk around with the puppy to make sure that he goes to the bathroom. We have found that once he does, using clicker training, use the clicker along with a little reward “treat” to reinforce the behavior of him going potty on command, in a certain place at the same time each day. We will have already started some crate and potty training so this should not be new to them.

Nutrition/diet, exercise, grooming and training…

Nutrition and diet is an essential component to excellent health and healthy coats for the life of your pet. We recommend a diet composed of a high quality kibble as well as components of a Raw Diet. There are very good quality kibbles that can be purchased at Premium Pet Specialty stores. Look for those that are Premium grain free kibble. We also recommend that you incorporate a raw diet into your puppy’s day or week (never feed raw and kibble at the same feeding). More detail on this can be found on our Nutrition & Exercise page.

During the day your puppy can be crated. However remember that in the beginning this should be for no more than an hour or so at a time. In between he does need exercise, running around in the yard etc., going potty and socializing with family members and even other dogs. Puppies need playtime of course, but they do get tired and need to take naps as well. These naps should happen in the puppies’ crate or the confined area that is designated for the puppy. Before going in for the night, puppies should drink water no less than 1 hour before bed and should go out again to potty before bedtime.

Recommendations On How To Properly Care For Your Australian Cobberdog

Remember to exercise your puppy but not too much in the beginning. Their bones and joints are still young and growing, so taking them for short walks is okay, but do not have them running up and down stairs, going on hikes or very active exercise too soon, at least for 9-12 months.

They do not need to be bathed often, in fact groomings once per month to every 5 or 6 weeks is sufficient. However we do recommend brushing out the coat twice a month and cleaning their ears weekly with an ear solution specially formulated for dogs, keeping the hair trimmed around the ears, as well as at least weekly teeth brushing and coat brushing. Sometimes the labradoodles’ ears can get infected especially those with longer ears, so this regimen helps prevent that as well as is good hygiene.