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Cobberdog Breeders

We are a family of 5, with 3 children ranging in age from 5 to 17. We live in Parker, Colorado, home of the lovely Rocky Mountains where we breed miniature and medium puppies from lines directly descending from the original breed founders and developers in Australia, Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Breeding and Research Centers. Our breed philosophy is to stay true to the integrity of the Australian Cobberdog as it was created by its founders.  Our focus: to continue breeding healthy,  allergy & asthma friendly dogs with non to low shedding coats that are very intuitive with gentle and mellow temperaments and easy to train.

All our breeding dogs are carefully selected for temperament and health primarily, and must pass our strict health testing before breeding.  We are members of the Master Dog Breeders’ Association (MDBA),  the global organization dedicated to protecting the integrity of the Australian Cobberdog around the world, committed to excellence in breed standards. All breeders of the Australian Cobberdog  must be registered members of the MDBA.  If the breeder does not have the MDBA logo, then they are not breeding the Australian Cobberdog yet still using the terminology.  Please visit the Master Dog Breeders Association in Australia, the MDBA at www.mdba.net.au for more information on its requirements of its members.

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Contact Nick La Barrie at 720-851-9754 or email at info@highlandscobberdogs.com.

Our Mission is to raise our puppies with the utmost love, nutrition, socialization and care.

From our inception we have followed the standards set by the Breed Founder/Developer Beverly Manners, of Rutland Manor (Breeding facility) in Australia, using carefully selected lines that date back to the early lines of the breed as well as the Founder’s most recent and final infusion of the SC Irish Wheaton.  Unfortunately many have strayed from the Breed Founder’s vision for the breed, choosing different paths and creating much confusion around the term “Australian Labradoodle”.

Rutland Manor’s mission to protect the integrity of the breed and distinguish it from the imitations that abound has brought about a new era of the authentic Australian labradoodle – the Australian Cobberdog… a name chosen to set it apart from all imitations and evoke its Australian heritage hearkening to the very reason it was created….to be a pure joy and love to families everywhere.   By taking the direction we have and following the Founder’s vision we are dedicated to providing our families with the characteristics they have always loved:  excellent temperament, conformation and health, clownish, goofy good looks,  friendly, loving personalities that warm your heart and soul.   For more information on the Founder’s vision for the Australian Cobberdog please visit the Australian Cobberdog Club at www.australian-cobberdog-club.com

If you would like to contact us directly, please email us at info@highlandscobberdogs.com  or call 720-851-9754.